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Locating the appropriate scale, checklist or questionnaire can be extremely challenging but essential, whether you are interested in identifying a health or mental health difficulty, assessing the impact of illness on quality of life, evaluating side effects or the effectiveness of treatment.

The registry of scales and measures is an on-line database of scales, measures and questionnaires for researchers and clinicians. At present, the database includes the most comprehensive list of self-report measures of depression, over 352 indexed to date, including the earliest known psychological measure which was published in 1918. The database includes over 400 clinical scales assessing disorders, such as ADHD, Anxiety, Cognitive Difficulties, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Sleep, Sexual Functioning, Substance Abuse, Suicide and Self Harm, as well as quality of life and medication side effects.

Scales and measures can be searched by several parameters, including author, title, year of publication, and topic, as well as by scale and item characteristics.

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New submissions and recommended amendments can be posted on-line by any individual. Submissions are  reviewed and verified in a timely manner. In order for us to ensure that information in the database is accurate, we request supporting documentation (e.g., a primary reference or copy of the scale), which will be reviewed, uploaded and linked to your submission. We currently index several new scales each month, and can cross list translated versions of the various measures. 


Updated Oct-23-2013


Original Publication:

The original research
for the scales and measures
database was published in a
series of six articles, commentaries
and rejoinders:

MEASUREMENT, 4(3), 135–197


Implementation Team:

Several individuals have

been involved in the implementation
of the database, including:

Adrienne Blacklock (Research)
Katrina Geras (Research)
Kathryn Shaw (Research)
Christina Tawdrous (Research)

Josh Larocque (Lead Programmer)
Kiran Polala (Past Programmer)